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2021 likely availability of Nukeproof bikes

Whilst we have not been particularly badly impacted locally with COVID, its not the same in some of the countries where the majority of bike components are made. Sure Taiwan has escaped the pandemic in a similar way to AUS, but did you know that they use workers from the Philippines and other countries? Clearly that has thrown a major spanner in the works for many suppliers, especially some of the larger with rumours that Shimano is now only taking 2022 orders! Just one example of how the supply chain for bikes has been severely disrupted.

Availability estimates: The result - our good friends at Nukeproof are in a similar position to many other bike manufacturers. So they have published the estimated drop time of their models for 2021 here Nukeproof Availability – Nukeproof Bikes . Be sure to read the disclaimers!!! Its no guarantee of delivery or availability.

I'm sure you can appreciate this makes it difficult for us to give you a commitment on when we can actually source a bike for you. If you wish to register your interest, please put your details in the "contact us" form including model and size. I check the warehouse in the UK every day, and if there is a bike that fits your needs, Ill email you.

Moving fast: Having said all that, sometimes small number of particular bikes sizes and models become available - but that means we need to move fast. The process will be once you make a decision, Ill order the bike and take a deposit from you to lock in the order. Ill get an ETA on delivery with 5 working days and let you know the pickup date.

We cant take deposits for bikes we don't know we can deliver. But we are committed to taking details, checking the warehouse and ordering where we see we can benefit our customers.

Hope to get you on new Nukeproof asap!

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