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Reactor v Mega - how to choose

So you've decided on Nukeproof. Tick. You did some research and now your more confused about which of these two bikes will suit you best. One has 170mm travel, the other 140mm - its only 30mm, how can they be so different?

Lets take a look at what each is designed for. The Reactor is first and foremost a trail bike. Capable of handling long days in the saddle, its made to motor. Then when it wants to let its hair down, by all means take it to the park.

The Mega on the other hand is an out and our Enduro bike. Can go up - but made to hammer down. If you ride a lot more down than up this is the machine you should be on.

So simple - think about your go to riding of a weekend, and pick the bike to match. They both can do both, but their design cues are clear.

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