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Why Nukeproof

Bikes have come a long way in the past few years. It used to be that with the advent of dual suspension, you could end up buying a great bike, with terrible suspension. So I, like many others did tons of research to make sure any bike I purchased had the best suspension and parts kit available. And that usually cost a lot of money.

Nukeproof in those days only made high end parts. Famous for the engineering, but ultimately they ran into hard times. That is until the brand was purchased and became an inhouse brand of Chain Reaction. The team then built the Mega, released the Reactor and a guy by the name of Sam Hill proved the bikes were as good as any on the market by winning the Enduro World Series. Top stuff.

Which brings us to the full Nukeproof range. Designed in the UK, award winning reviews, excellent value for money. I my self ride a custom Reactor Elite. In short, the design is bullet proof, the build is excellent, and the value is unmatched.

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